Emergency Notification System

Ashland University is upgrading its Eagle Alert system to the CampusShield Smartphone App! Anyone who wants to receive campus emergency alerts will need to join our new system by downloading the app or via https://portal.publicsafetycloud.net/community-alerts/ashland-university.

CampusShield will provide emergency notification alerts regarding emergency situations, severe weather advisories, campus closings and major event cancellations, while also allowing students to send in anonymous tips, use the FriendWatch timer feature, access campus resources, safety escorts and the campus map.

To join our NEW campus emergency alert system, download the app today.

Download the app for Android
Download the app for iPhone or iPad


Who can signup for Ashland University the Emergency Contact System?
The service is available for Ashland University students, faculty, staff and parents.

When will I receive alerts from this service?
Alerts are sent out only during emergency situations, severe weather advisories, school closings and major event cancellations. The University will send a test of the notification system once a semester to ensure that the system is working. An all-campus email will be sent out prior to the test so students, faculty and staff will know when to expect it.

How will the University contact me during an emergency?
The University may contact you via email and/or text message, if you have registered a cellular number.

Will my cell phone number/email address be kept confidential?
Yes, your cell phone numbers are not shared or sold to any other systems or services.

How much does it cost?
You need a smartphone with app downloading and text messaging capabilities. The app is free, and there is no charge to customers for signing up. Individual cell phone plans will apply normal charges for the text message.

How can I register?
You can register one of two ways: 1) through visiting the Apple App Store (from your iPhone) or the Google Play Store (from an Android device) and downloading the CampusShield mobile app; 2) through signing up through the internet web portal, which is located at https://portal.publicsafetycloud.net/community-alerts/ashland-university

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to choose “Ashland University” as your school, then select which campus you are attending. Next, create your profile with your personal information and add your emergency contact information.

What if I am not able to register?
If you have issues registering please email your mobile phone number and the name of your provider to Support@911cellular.com and indicate you want to register in the Ashland University Emergency Contact System.

How can I unsubscribe from this service?
You can unsubscribe at any time by logging into the webportal and clicking 'unsubscribe'. You can also unsubscribe within the email alerts, and by replying 'stop' to any alert sent to your cellular phone.

What procedure would I follow to submit a message to be sent through the Emergency Contact System?
An emergency can be submitted through the Emergency Button on the app. When pressing this button, Safety Services will be called and your location will be sent. The level of emergency is then determined by the Public Relations Office and Safety Services offices and staff there will determine the appropriate actions.

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