* Where is your office located?

The Safety Services office is located on the first floor of the Hawkins Conard Student Center at the intersection of King Road, Claremont and College Avenues.

* What are your office hours?

The office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including the summer months and holidays). During the night, the building is accessible through the doors at the footbridge and the doors facing King Road (adjacent to the Mail Center). Weekdays the office is staffed by an administrative assistant.  During the evenings, and on weekends, a dispatcher is available to assist you. Uniformed, unarmed officers are also available 24 hours a day.

* Is this where I go to report a crime?

Yes. A dispatcher will summons an officer to meet you where you are located, or if you prefer; meet you at the Safety Services office. In some cases, the dispatcher will also summons the Ashland City Police. Any person reporting a crime has the right to request police involvement.

* Does Ashland University have 911?

Dialing 911 from any campus phone will be routed directly to the Ashland County 911 operator.

* Do you only respond to emergencies?

No. In fact, most of the service calls to the department are non-emergency in nature (i.e. locked out of a room, or vehicle needing jumpstarted, etc.)

* Is this where I report a lost key?

Yes.  Although the Ashland University Locksmith is under the direction of Facilities, dispatchers can process a work order or students can process the work order themselves.  Officers are able to recore dorm rooms if requested by student, doors are recored to enhance the safety of the room occupants.

* The Health Center is closed and I need to see a doctor?

In the event a member of the campus community needs transported to the hospital emergency room; Safety Services Officers will provide transportation (providing it is safe to do so). For more serious injuries, an emergency squad will be summoned. Officers are also trained in basic community first aid and proper use of an AED (defibrillator).

* What do I do in case of an emergency?

Your response to an emergency depends on the nature of the emergency. To assist you in your appropriate response, please refer to the Emergency Operations Plan. In an emergency, effective communications are paramount. To assist you, the Safety Service office recommends you register your cell phone number with our Emergency Contact System. Communication resources also include the Ashland University website, e-mail notification and emergency notices posted in conspicuous places around campus.

* How do I find information regarding Ashland University’s Crime Statistics?

All colleges and universities are required to make available to the public crime statistics along with security policies for the institution. Ashland University publishes their information on our website. To access the crime statistics for the last three calendar years, refer to Crime Reports and Statistics. We also publish this information in written form. To request a hard copy please contact the Safety Services Office at 419.289.5766 or via e-mail at security@ashland.edu.


* Where are students supposed to park?
Students may only park in the lot designated by their assigned permit. At the end of the spring semester, returning students may reserve their permit for the following academic year. Students who will have senior status will have the first opportunity to reserve a permit. Juniors will have the next opportunity, followed by sophomores, and incoming freshman.
Student parking is adjacent to some of the resident facilities. Most students will not have more than a five minute walk to their residence hall.

* Do commuters have to register their car?

* How much does it cost to register my car?
The cost is $80 for the entire year.

* Can I change my assigned parking lot?
Changing assigned lots is available after the initial vehicle registration period at the beginning of the fall semester, and is dependent on the number of available spaces in the requested lot. If no spaces are available, you must park in the lot your current permit allows

* Where are visitors supposed to park?
Visitors should stop by the Safety Services office to pick up a temporary visitor permit. When they do, a lot will be assigned (close to their destination). If your parents come down to visit, and they receive a ticket, simply bring the ticket to the Safety Services office for processing. Parents, and other bona-fidevisitors, will have their tickets voided. There are marked visitor spaces in lots A and C. 

* Since I don't live on campus, then why am I not classified as a visitor?
Anyone registered for and attending classes at Ashland University is considered a student and is not eligible for visitor status. If you are a student commuting from home, you must still register your vehicle to receive a permit.

* Do I need a permit if I am only taking evening classes?
If all of your classes start after 5 p.m. (and you do not live in an Ashland University residence hall) you are not required to purchase a permit.
While you may park in faculty/staff designated areas after 5 p.m. (and on weekends) students are NOT permitted to park in marked visitor spaces, or lots.
If you must be on campus during the day (i.e. appointment with your professor), then please stop by the Safety Service office to get a temporary permit.
While evening students may not be required to register their vehicle, they should still review the parking regulations on this web site.

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Department of Safety Services

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Dave McLaughlin
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