Parking for Students

Anyone who is registered and attends any class (or classes) and is not a full-time employee of Ashland University is required to secure a permit for their vehicle. Students who reside off campus and attend classes before 5 p.m. weekdays are considered commuter students and must also register their vehicle with the Safety Services department. Commuter students whose classes do not begin before 5 p.m. weekdays are not required to purchase a permit, but must adhere to the Ashland University parking policies for students. The cost for the permit is $95 per year for the first permit. Students are permitted to have only one vehicle on campus at a time. The cost to replace a lost permit is $95Commuter students who wish to register an additional vehicle may do so for a fee of $2 per vehicle (up to a total of three vehicles) upon showing proof of registration. Resident students who change their vehicle must return the old permit before a new permit will be issued. The cost to receive a new permit under this circumstance is $2. Students are not permitted to move the permit from one vehicle to anotherPlease refer to the parking policies section for additional details.

To register your vehicle, please complete the following information:

Student Parking Registration Form

* A $95 permit fee will automatically be charged to your student account

* Please only register your vehicle once to avoid extra fees

* A temporary license plate will act as your permanent plate until you are issued one. Please call us to update your information when you have your permanent license plate.

Vehicle registration for both campuses may only be completed online.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences students can obtain their permits at the Student Services Office, 133 College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Lot Assignments

  • Availability at the time of assignment
  • The request by the student as indicated on the Vehicle Registration Form
  • Commuter or resident status

Permits ordered prior to July 25th will be available starting in mid-August and can be picked up at the Safety Services window (ID required - i.e. Eagle Card). Permits ordered after this date will likely not be ready for pickup by the start of the school year. Resident students will receive their permit upon checking in to their residence hall. Student accounts will be charged the cost of the permit upon registering. Reserved permits will be held until the end of the second week of classes; after that time, reserved permits not picked up will be redistributed. If you are a CCP student, please let the staff know when you come to the office to pick up your hangtag.

Students are permitted to have only one vehicle on campus at a time. Commuter students who wish to register an additional vehicle may do so for a $2 fee. A copy of the BMV issued Vehicle Registration slip is required to register the second vehicle. Unless approved by the Director of Safety Services, students are not permitted to register a vehicle not owned by themselves or their parent(s).

Students who graduate in December may turn in their valid permit sticker to the Safety Services office before graduation to be reimbursed for $47.50.

Please Note

Students who park their vehicle on campus, yet fail to properly register their vehicle and display a permit, are in violation of the parking policies and subject themselves to having their vehicle towed or immobilized without notice. The student (or owner) is responsible for all fees associated with the tow. Ashland University is not responsible for any damage to a vehicle that has been towed. Vehicles that are immobilized because the owner/operator has failed to register their vehicle will not have the device removed until the vehicle is registered and a $25 boot removal fee is paid. Permits are not to be moved from one vehicle to another. There is a 25.00 charge for vehicle lockouts and jumpstarts for students who park on campus but do not have a permit.

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