Summer 2022

Summer Housing

Summer housing is available now at  

Below you can find the housing rates for Main Campus and College of Nursing. If you are interested in summer housing you can complete an application at Main campus applicants should complete the "Summer 2022 - Main Campus" application.  Those interested in summer housing at the College of Nursing campus should complete the "CONHS - Summer 2022" application. 

Summer housing begins on Monday, May 16, 2022. If you are already living on campus, you will move directly from your current room into your summer housing room as summer rooms become available. Summer housing ends on Friday, August 12th. If you will be living on campus in the fall, you will move into your fall housing assignment tentatively around August 12th. 

Summer Rates:

Main Campus: Students must stay a minimum of 1 week.

Jacobs Hall - No AC

  *Regular Double - $95 per week

 Kappa Sigma House – AC

  *Regular Double - $115 per week

All students will be housed in rooms as singles over the Summer 2022. 

Summer Meal Plan: 

  • Cost: $560 for 64 meals
  • Valid May 9, 2022 through August 26, 2022
  • Utilize at the Eagles Nest Monday-Friday 8:30-2.  Equivalency value is $8.75
  • Dine in Convo when open for conferences.  Currently opening limited hours starting on June 8, 2022. Check the Student Dining website for dates & times
  • Meals do not transfer or carry over and will expire August 26, 2022.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Contact Marty Penwell to sign up and for payment. or call 419-289-5758
  • Questions contact Fred Geib.

College of Nursing: Students must stay a minimum of 1 week. 

Apartment (CON Only) - AC

  *Apartment - $135 per week

All CONHS summer room assignments require payment of a $10.00 summer activity fee (one-time charge).