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Volunteer Service Time Off (VSTO) Policy

The intention of the Volunteer Service Time Off (VSTO) Policy  is to create community engagement opportunities for Ashland University staff that are meaningful, purposeful and helps those in need. At the same time, Ashland University recognizes that participating in these activities will also enrich and inspire the lives of our staff.

The purpose of Ashland University’s volunteer program is to support volunteer activities that enhance and serve the community in which we live and work and support the University goals of enhanced community engagement.

All regular full-time and part-time* hourly and salaried staff can volunteer up to 8 hours per fiscal year with an ELT pre-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit or in accordance with Ashland University’s giving and volunteering policies (VSTO - ELT Approved Agencies.xlsx). More than one organization may be chosen. 

*Part-time staff are eligible for up to 4 hours if their regularly scheduled hours are 20 or more per week.

To review the Volunteer Service Time Off (VSTO) Policy, click here! To review the current list of ELT approved organizations, click here.

To view the current community service opportunities, please visit ashland.givepulse.com 

VSTO New Organization Nomination Form

The Ashland University VSTO (Volunteer Service Time Off) New Organization Nomination Form will be used to evaluate new organizations/non-profits to add to the approved list. Any volunteer opportunity sponsored by Ashland University is eligible for VSTO. If an opportunity is not sponsored by Ashland University, and the organization is not currently on the approved list, the nominated volunteer organization(s) must meet three out of the four following criteria:

• Located in Ashland County or the county in which your specific Ashland University work site is located
• Is a 501c3 or a church affiliated group/organization, or municipality
• Is an established United Way Community Partner
• Is a “volunteer minded” organization (there are structured tasks for volunteers to complete)

Nominations will be evaluated at the end of each semester and reviewed for approval by the Ashland University Executive Leadership Team (ELT). The Ashland University VSTO policy can be found on the Human Resources page on the MyAUPortal.

View Current Opportunities and Submit Your Community Service Hours Here!

Log into your GivePulse account to submit your completed service hours! https://ashland.givepulse.com/