Executive Functioning

Topic: Curriculum and Instruction
Instructor: Jess Jurevicious
Method: Online (PDS)
Sponsor: AU Northeast Center (Massillon/Stark)
Center Offered: SKPD

Course Description:

This course is designed to give educators an overview of the executive functioning skills affecting students in the classroom. The course will cover the basics of executive functioning including an introduction to the core executive functioning skills needed and how poor executive functioning skills impact students. This will be a very informative course with a focus on giving educators strategies, skills and resources to take back to the classroom. 

Before starting the course please contact instructor via email jessjurevicius@gmail.com

Course Documents:
Cost: $290
Timespan of Course:
January 3, 2024 to August 31, 2024
Contact E-mail: jessjurevicius@gmail.com

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Course Number: EDU*6220*C2
Academic Term: 24/GW
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