Balinese Music and Culture

Topic: World Languages and Cultures
Instructor: Krista Bruschini
Method: Face to Face (WRK)
Center Offered: Ashland Professional Dev

Course Description:

Bali 14-Day Music & Culture Trip
July 31st-August 13th, 2024

The Bali Summer 2024 Group Trip is an extraordinary experiential and educational opportunity for music educators and music enthusiasts to learn about Balinese culture, art, and music. This trip is open to both music educators and music enthusiasts seeking opportunities for educational group travel. While no prior musical training is required, there is a wide range of skill levels that can be applied to the study of Balinese music and form of participation in the final performance. Music educators will receive resources to assimilate the Balinese musical training into their multicultural music education curriculum.


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Cost: $555
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July 31, 2024 to August 13, 2024
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Course Number: EDU 6100 L3
Academic Term: 24/GW
Academic Level: GW
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